Frequently asked questions

Do we get a trial session before signing up?

Yes, we offer a pay as you go session for your first time to see if your child enjoys it before deciding whether to sign up for the rest of the half term. The trial session can be paid for by cash or card at your first session.

Does my child need to wear specialist gymnastics clothing?

No, normal clothes are fine to wear as long as they don't have belt, buckles or zips. We recommend wearing leggings, shorts, tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt or jumper. We also have a range of Bunny Hoppers clothing available to purchase.

My child isn't 3, how early do I need to sign them up to get a place?

As a gymnastics club we have certain child to gymnastics coach ratios to stick to. Our classes can fill up very quickly so we recommend signing your child up at least 1 term before your child turns 3. However, this won't guarantee your child a place as we will still need spaces available in our classes.

It will be the first time I have left my child in a class and I'm not sure if they will settle.

We have very experienced coaches who have dealt with a huge range of children. We often have children who are unsure to start with and we will work with the parents to ensure they settle ok. We will encourage parents to 'step back' and watch from either inside the gym or upstairs in our viewing area.

Do I need to stay onsite during my child's session?

Yes. Because of the child's age we require all parents to stay onsite throughout your child's session. Children of this age often need help going to the toilet and our coaches are unable to help your child do this. We have a viewing area upstairs and a coach will call you if your child needs the toilet.

Why does my child need British Gymnastics insurance?

As with all sports there is an inherent risk in participating. British Gymnastics insurance provides comprehensive insurance for your child in case of an injury. For more information please visit the British Gymnastics website.

Will my child get a place in the after school gymnastics sessions with Loughborough Gymnastics Academy when they go to school?

We work very closely with Loughborough Gymnastics Academy to try and ensure that all Bunny Hoppers gymnasts get a space in their after school gymnastics sessions. However, there are limited spaces and we cannot 100% guarantee an immediate September start. We will liaise with all parents about this in the summer term.